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The Mercy Of Undertale (Flowey)
I got up. I could barely, though. It felt like I haven’t moved in years.
It seems like I fell down a long way.
I looked up. The sun was still shining.
Huh. Where’s Chara? She isn’t here. Guess I got to find her.
I grabbed a stick and started forward into the cave ahead of me.
Our neighbors told us that a long time ago, there was a war against humans and monsters.
Humans won, and sealed the monsters underground. And, underground MT.EBOTT.
Of course, worst case scenario, me and Chara had to fall. I rubbed my head.
I walked into a dark part of the cave. Then, I saw a small shine on a little patch of grass.
Grass? Unusual in a cave.
Suddenly, my eyes adjusted on a flower.
Flowey: Howdy! I’m Flowey! Flowey The Flower! Hm.. You are new to the UNDERGROUND aren’tcha? Golly, you must be so confused. Someone ought to teach you how things work around here! I guess little old me will have to do. Ready? Here we go!
I felt the world change around me….
:iconscp999ticklemonster:SCP999TickleMonster 3 1
The Mercy Of Undertale (Introduction)
I snapped out of my reflections.
Me: Yeah, Chara?
Chara: Stop looking at the ground. You might just run into something.
Me: Chara, why are we climbing MT. EBOTT?
Chara: Because..
Me: Look. Our neighbor, specifically said. Stay away from MT.EBOTT.
Chara: I heard a lot about this place. Stop whining.
Me: Okay.. I’m sorry.
I looked forward ahead of me and Chara. A huge gap was stuck into the mountain.
Chara: Stay here, I'm going to get a closer look.
Me: Wait, Chara!
I saw my life flash between my eyes. Chara fell and I grabbed her.
We both fell down the huge hole.
I finally opened my eyes. My head was aching. I was hurting all over.
I, woke up in a patch of golden flowers.
:iconscp999ticklemonster:SCP999TickleMonster 4 4
The End Of Spooky's House (Finale)
Lily helped me out of the water. Jack was not moving and we quickly got out.
Lily: C’mon Jack, don’t die on us!
Lily then gave some CPR to Jack and pumped his chest. After about a minute, he started coughing out water pretty bad. After a bit, he regained his breath and saw Lily, and almost freaked out. I couldn’t believe it either. She looked a lot paler than usual. She had my axe, which floated away in her hand. To be honest, she looked like she could handle anything.
Lily: Let’s go.
Me and Jack followed behind her through some small rooms. Huh, déjà vu. These rooms look familiar.
Lily cut off my thinking when she said something loud.
Lily: Guys, Specimen!
I looked behind myself. It was Specimen 5. I was surprised. I remembered this one out of that computer. I knew what it did. It would cause hallucinations. For people with weak wills, though. Maybe that is why I fell to this monster’s effects. Maybe I wasn’t willing enough to survive? I f
:iconscp999ticklemonster:SCP999TickleMonster 4 1
DETERMINATION - Undertale by SCP999TickleMonster DETERMINATION - Undertale :iconscp999ticklemonster:SCP999TickleMonster 2 3
The End Of Spooky's House (Final Part 1)
I woke up a bit feverish, I guess. My head was hurting non-stop, like something was pounding on my head. Jack picked up Lily’s body. I grabbed the axe. We headed out the elevator. We walked for a bit, and Jack started talking.
Jack: Did I really.. Kill Lily?
Me: Well, you were standing over her dead body.
Jack: We don’t know if she’s dead.
Me: Well, I haven’t lost hope yet, either.
I opened the door for Jack. We walked in a dark place. I checked around and found a latern. Jack called me and I stepped in a room with a huge aquarium. A whale flew past the glass. I grabbed a paper, and a report said that the whales were dying.
Get well soon.
Jack opened a door, and it was locked when I checked it. Weird. The whole place was flooded to my knees. Jack ran forward to a door. I followed, and I saw it.
Jack’s hands flailing in the air, and someone holding him down in the water. Someone was drowning him. Jack’s hands fell down to the water. I cringed. I jumpe
:iconscp999ticklemonster:SCP999TickleMonster 4 3
Welcome To Spooky's House / Left Behind (7.5)
I felt sick. Like, I was going to die any minute. Something along the lines of, why did we come here.. And can we escape? Nobody knows the answer, and I believe nobody ever will. I weakly pulled myself from the floor and groaned from all the pain and tiredness. I wanted to leave now, I am starving, and dehydrating to DEATH. My eyes flashed when Jack left. I quickly caught up to him.
Me: So.. Jack, where are we?
Jack: I don’t know, Lily.
We stepped into a door, and ended up in some modern lab. It was pitch dark. We headed through some manual doors and found a generator. When we re-powered the place, new doors opened and we stepped in them. For some strange reason, the power cut out again. Jack was one step ahead of me, and crawled in a bloody vent, probably not caring. Feeling ick, I crawled after him in the dark crouched place. He finally pulled me out the vent, and turned on a generator. Suddenly, we heard a loud roar. We looked behind ourselves. We saw a huge worm, crawling tow
:iconscp999ticklemonster:SCP999TickleMonster 4 6
Welcome To Spooky's House / Left Behind (6.5)
My legs were getting tired and restless, Jack stopped me.
Jack: Lily? Did we forget Chris?
Me: …yes.. We did..
Jack: Where did that deer go?
Me: I’m not sure. It might’ve chased Chris instead of us.
Jack: We need to find him.
We ran through a couple of rooms pretty fast. We finally reached an elevator..
Jack: …
Me: Jack, do we wait for Chris..?
Jack: We can’t.
Jack pressed the elevator button. We went down slowly. I twitched.. And started wondering if Chris was even alive..
Jack: Come on.
Me: Okay.. Okay..
We ran through some rooms and while we were at it, I grew more and more scared..
Me: Jack..? Wh-what about Chris?
Jack: Let’s. Go.
We arrived at another elevator. Jack didn’t bother pressing the button, he just sloped down on the wall and fell asleep. I started twitching and.. Worrying about Chris. He.. Could be dead.
Where is he?
:iconscp999ticklemonster:SCP999TickleMonster 4 5
Welcome To Spooky's House (ALTERNATE FINALE)
I woke up, and did a quick look around the room. Jack was up, looking over Lily’s lifeless body. He didn’t look at anything else.. I re-gathered my thoughts and pushed the elevator button down.  I leaned onto the elevator walls but Jack wasn’t moving. I know it was hard on both of us, so we had a little break before we finally got up.
Jack: C’mon. We are going.
Me: Wait.. You forgot to-
Jack: I’m not taking her.
Me: Huh?
Jack: SHE’S DEAD, CHRIS. She is dead. And we can’t do nothing about it.
Me: But-
Jack: COME. ON.
Jack walked in front of me, he didn’t want to hold the axe anymore. We stopped at some weird place. It reported whales dying.
Jack: I don’t care about the whales. I want to get out of here.
Jack ran ahead of me, before I could catch up with him, he was gone. I found a door opened, it seemed it was locked. I walked through some metallic door and went into some room flooded with water. There was an axe in the water an
:iconscp999ticklemonster:SCP999TickleMonster 5 9
Welcome To Spooky's House (Part 9)
I finally got sleep last.. “night”. I had a bad “dream” though. I prepared myself and pressed the elevator button, slowly, it went down. I stepped through a couple of rooms when I finally stepped in this weird.. Mansion-like room. There was blood on the floor, and a lot of it. Being curious, and not listening to the cat quote, I followed the blood trail, to a door. I was going to open it, when I heard what sounded like Lily screaming behind it. Without hesitation, I pushed open the door and looked inside.
Jack.. was standing in front of Lily.. With a bloody axe..
Lily fell on the ground and so did Jack. Lily started bleeding out, and I couldn’t tell if she was sleeping or not.. But my heart stopped for a minute and I felt like I was going to die myself. I felt depression, and at the same time, anger.
Why would Jack kill Lily? What did she do?
Lily had her eyes closed, she wasn’t.. breathing at all. Jack, had fainted. I have no idea why, but he has th
:iconscp999ticklemonster:SCP999TickleMonster 6 6
Welcome To Spooky's House (Part 8)
I’m not sleeping again. I’m growing more and more tireless.. I could barely get up and press the elevator button. I collapsed back down, and the motion of the elevator stopped after a bit. I got up and walked out the new door. I started walking for a while when suddenly I was in a fast-food restaurant. I didn’t feel like eating anything, especially from a place with killer monsters. I walked around and I couldn’t enter anywhere, so I walked and then I tried to open the boy’s bathroom but it wouldn’t. So, I entered the girls bathroom instead. The mirror was foggy, I couldn’t even see my reflection. The last stall door had blood under it.. I opened the other stall doors and found a key then left the bathroom. It opened a door to a kid’s playground. I briefed over the rules, and the last one saying “We will find you.” caught my eye. I hesitantly crawled inside the opening. I found some notes by a worker who used to work at the re
:iconscp999ticklemonster:SCP999TickleMonster 6 4
Welcome To Spooky's House (Part 7)
I’m very tired. I didn’t get a second of rest at all. Jack and Lily could be dead for all I know, and I’m alone in a house full of dangerous creatures. Nevertheless, there was no turning back. I slowly pressed the elevator button and the elevator slowly moved down. I had to guess where I was, but I really didn’t know.
The elevator came to a quick stop. I slowly, pressed myself out the door, to what awaits me on the new floors. I pressed on for some rooms, when I came across what looks like it came out of a movie. There was no power. I walked through a door and I saw a generator. Powering it on, the lights came on and the other doors became functional. I walked through the new doors when the power cut out again and I was stuck in a room, I looked around, and saw a vent, blood staining the floor around it. I never, and will never, get used to seeing blood. I felt all sick inside when I had to crawl in the vent. Crawling through the vent, hearing noises everywhere,
:iconscp999ticklemonster:SCP999TickleMonster 5 4
Welcome To Spooky's House (Part 6)
I woke up slowly and steadily, I remember being at Room 500, and we were making progress. For a strange reason, I didn’t feel hungry, or thirsty. I felt a bit sleepy is all. I shook Jack and Lily, and they got up easily. We decided to start moving. When we realized there were 2 doors. One was all creepy looking, and the other looking perfectly normal. When we tried to open the door, we realized the “Out Of Order” sign.
Jack: A door can’t be out of order!
Lily: Maybe, the door broke?
Jack: Oh well, our only option is that other door. Let’s go guys..
We opened the door, and went through the rooms when we arrived at the same room we met the gooey monster.
Jack: Woah, what are we doing back here?
Lily: I don’t know..
Jack: Get ready to run again..
We picked up the note, but noticed it just said something about “Express”.
Jack: Huh?
A door popped out of nowhere, and we jumped. We went through the door, and it was a long tunnel that had the wor
:iconscp999ticklemonster:SCP999TickleMonster 5 4
Welcome To Spooky's House (Part 5)
I woke up yet again in the elevator. I got up and lazily pushed the elevator button and sat back down. I waved my head around to shake the sleepiness off and get ready for a hike. Lily was shaking in her sleep while Jack was still twitching. I woke both of them up, and they took a while to get the sleepiness out of themselves. Finally, we left the elevator and walked for a few rooms before we entered a dark room. When our eyes adjusted, it was looking like a dungeon. We went through one of the doors and found a story about a merchant who was drowned, then cursed the village and made children into puppets.
Lily: I hope I don’t become a puppet.
Jack: Don’t jinx yourself.
Me: I wonder how well he makes them..
We found a key in a bloody pool, we were ignorant though. We have seen enough to get used to blood. When we finally went through some doors, we found a giant skull door. The key opened it. When we went inside, we saw some puppets.. Lily was terrified, but Jack was curious
:iconscp999ticklemonster:SCP999TickleMonster 5 9
Welcome To Spooky's House (Part 4)
I woke up again. I was too distracted to think. I got up and pushed the elevator button. I fell down on the ground in pain. We needed food and water. We were going to die here. Just as I was thinking this, I have seen a bottle of red wine at the other end of the elevator. I have never drank wine, and I have seen this in the notes of that guy we were reading about. He said “I don’t think that was wine.” I was very, very hesitant to walk over to the bottle. Suddenly, as I was thinking of this, Lily got up again.
Lily: Did you sleep well, Chris?
Me: Did you do the same, Lily?
Lily: I’m not sure. I’m really hungry though. Water wouldn’t hurt either.
We started talking about an escape from this mansion, how far were we in the mansion, and when were we going to get out. While we were talking, Jack woke up and started getting agitated.
Jack: I wish we never had gone here. I wish this was all some stupid nightmare. No, it’s all real.
Lily: Jack, I said
:iconscp999ticklemonster:SCP999TickleMonster 3 11
Spoopy's Cat by SCP999TickleMonster Spoopy's Cat :iconscp999ticklemonster:SCP999TickleMonster 3 1


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Now, in my previous title: Welcome To Spooky's House Of Jump Scares

People showed positive reactions on this. ^_^ Thank you!

Now, I can write more, and not just about Spooky's but more creepypastas and horror stories.. Yet, I'm very afraid that many people won't like the idea.. I can just move to art and draw.. and that's fine by me! c:

But, please.. in my loyal, awesome, watchers opinion.. C:

Should I make more stories, or just move to art and draw?

No wrong answers! :D


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Hello! :3 I am SCP-999! I draw stuff, for fun of course. And I am not a professional, so expect some downgrade in my work. Anyways, enjoy :3

Oh, best friends?
Specimen 11
...some other people I'll feel bad about forgetting.
And, that's my profile, q_q.

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